toughest, most durable Lightning cables for your iPhone or iPad

 Let us guess – you've landed on this page because your iPhone's Lightning cable is tearing apart. If that's the case, you're not alone in your suffering. The original Apple Lightning cable isn't very durable, and many an Apple device owner are aware of that. Head over to the Apple Store and read the comments to see what we mean.

The accessory's weak spot has nothing to do with the Lightning connector itself. The reversible nature of the plug makes it convenient to use, and the lack of moving parts means that it will last through a great number of insertion cycles. However, the insulation the cable is wrapped in is prone to splitting and fraying, especially if you don't treat it with care. Cables don't like being run over by office chairs, you know. 
One way of dealing with the mediocre durability of the original Lightning cable is to wrap weak areas in sticky tape as soon as signs of wear become apparent. The other is to buy a better, more durable cable. Speaking of which, we scouted the web in search of the toughest, most durable Lightning cables for the iPhone and iPad. The ones we came across may not be cheap, but they will surely outlast the cable your iPhone came with. They will probably survive longer than the iPhone itself. Check them out!

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